J&J Fined $70 Million for International Kickbacks

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson has agreed to pay $48.6 million in disgorgement charges, and another $21.4 million in criminal charges as part of a settlement agreement. These fines are in response to allegations brought forward by the Securities and Exchange Commission contending J&J paid out kickbacks to foreign doctors, hospitals, and governments to gain drug prescriptions, use of medical equipment, and even government contracts.

Some of the kickbacks were not in the form of direct cash, but rather indirectly paid, such as inappropriate travel with lavish dinners and gifts, and the use of fake civil contracts, slush funds, and off-shore companies.

The methods used to break the law are great and will always vary. When the bottom line takes greater precedence than the care of the patient, companies will always seek a way to circumvent the system. Nolan & Auerbach, P.A. encourages individuals that may have witnessed fraud, and have evidence of this fraud to step forward. The actions of these brave individuals keep our healthcare system safe and honest.

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