The 2017 Healthcare Whistleblower: Agent of Change

New research by Jaron H. Wilde at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business concludes that:

…after truth tellers come forward with information about wrong doing inside their operations… [and after investigation, there was a] sharp and lasting drop in financial wrongdoing…

Part of Mr. Wilde’s study explored large samples of companies to see if there were any meaningful improvements in behavior.  Mr. Wilde said:

The study also underscores the notion that insiders are best positioned to monitor companies’ financial reporting.  This has become especially true as corporations have grown larger and more complex.

While the pharma industry or hospital systems may scoff at Mr. Wilde’s study or question its validity, the stark reality is that the public depends on whistleblowers to bring these cases forward.  As Mr. Wilde further stated:

If not for whistleblowers, this stuff often goes undetected.

This is the year that the healthcare fraud whistleblower can be an agent of change.  Nolan Auerbach & White is very selective about the cases it takes, just as you should be selective about the law firm you choose.  More information for potential whistleblowers can be found at the Nolan Auerbach & White website.